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  CCTV Cameras AI Cameras
Features Record / Play Video Classify / Identify / Notify
Use Cases Security Public Safety, Smart Cities, Transportation, and more

Software-Defined Cameras

Each new camera use case requires unique AI models and programming.
Smarter AI enables any camera network with precision AI for trusted data and decisions.
Our software-defined AI cameras:

Scale camera use cases by separating the video, AI, and application planes

SmarterAI - Application Plane
SmarterAI - AI Plane
SmarterAI - Video Plane

AI Storeā„¢, a growing ecosystem of AI models and developers

SmarterAI - Developer

Program AI like apps on a phone

SmarterAI - Apps and Phone

Success Stories

"Smarter AI solves the video capture side of the video intelligence story and enables us with all kinds of other magic in regards to analytics and more."

The leader in Smart City Transportation & Infrastructure

"Smarter AI has a modern, sophisticated understanding of network connectivity and device firmware management at the edge, and a rapidly evolving code base and engineering team.

I think we can do something pretty amazing together."

The leader in Telematics