Access Control

Access Control (aka Access Management) is the permission and restriction of access to a group of cameras. Access Control supports multiple levels of authorization. Each entry in an Access Control List (ACL) authorizes a group of users to view or manage a group of cameras.



SmarterAI - Cross Region Support

Cross-Region Support

View and manage cameras within a LAN or around the world.

SmarterAI - Multiple Levels of Authorization

Multiple Levels of Authorization

Each permission includes a level of authorization, e.g. Viewer, Administrator, or Owner.

SmarterAI - Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

APPI, CalOPPA, GDRP, and more.

SmarterAI - Secure Connections

Secure Connections

DTLS / SSL / TLS encryption in transit and at rest.

SmarterAI - Wired and Wireless Networks

Secure Connections

Ethernet / PoE and 4G Cat M1 / 4G LTE / 5G.




Advanced Driver Assistance System

SmarterAI - ADAS

Contact Tracing

SmarterAI - Contact Tracing


Driver Monitoring System

SmarterAI - DMS

Mass Fever Screening

SmarterAI - Mass Fever Screening


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