Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is a technique for streaming video over the Internet and to mobile devices and networks. Adaptive bitrate streaming measures the real-time bandwidth and decoding capacity of each streaming device and adapts encoded or transmitted video quality accordingly.

Adaptive bitrate streaming requires a video encoder that can encode a single stream at multiple or variable bitrates. A streaming client adapts or switches the encoded video quality depending on its available bandwidth and CPU capacity, to deliver optimized streaming quality for every fixed or mobile device and network.



SmarterAI - Cross Region Support

Cross-Region Support

View and manage cameras within a LAN or around the world.

SmarterAI - Instant Streaming

Instant Streaming

Real-time situational awareness.

SmarterAI - Network Resilience

Network Transition Resilience

Continuous streaming from WiFi to 4G and back.

SmarterAI - Resolution

Resolutions from HD, 4K, 8K

Record and playback cameras from HD to 8K resolution.

SmarterAI - Scale


Support thousands of concurrent cameras.

SmarterAI - Wired and Wireless Networks

Secure Connections

Ethernet / PoE and 4G Cat M1 / 4G LTE / 5G.



SmarterAI - ADAS
Contact Tracing
SmarterAI - Contact Tracing
Driver Monitoring System
SmarterAI - DMS
Industrial Automation
SmarterAI - Industrial Automation
License Plate Recognition
SmarterAI - License Plate Recognition
Mass Fever Screening
SmarterAI - Mass Fever Screening
Perimeter Security
SmarterAI - Perimeter Security
Situational Awareness
SmarterAI - Situational Awareness

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