SmarterAI - Instant Connection

Instant Connection

Smarter AI Instant Connections leverage STUN, TURN, and ICE, and plus Smarter AI patented innovations, to enable device-to-device connections with optimal setup times and data delivery. Instant Connections enable Smarter AI mobile apps to stream, record, and receive notifications from Smarter AI cameras, instantly.



SmarterAI - Cross Region Support

Cross-Region Support

View and manage cameras within a LAN or around the world.

SmarterAI - Instant Streaming

Instant Streaming

Real-time situational awareness.

SmarterAI - Network Resilience

Network Transition Resilience

Continuous streaming from WiFi to 4G and back.

SmarterAI - Scale


Support thousands of concurrent cameras.

SmarterAI - Secure Connections

Secure Connections

DTLS / SSL / TLS encryption in transit and at rest.

SmarterAI - Wired and Wireless Networks

Secure Connections

Ethernet / PoE and 4G Cat M1 / 4G LTE / 5G.



SmarterAI - ADAS
Building Access Control
Driver Monitoring System
SmarterAI - Building Access
Contact Tracing
SmarterAI - Contact Tracing
Driver Monitoring System
SmarterAI - DMS
Industrial Automation
SmarterAI - Industrial Automation
License Plate Recognition
SmarterAI - License Plate Recognition
Mass Fever Screening
SmarterAI - Mass Fever Screening
Perimeter Security
SmarterAI - Perimeter Security
Situational Awareness
SmarterAI - Situational Awareness

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