SmarterAI - OTA Programming

OTA Programming

Smarter AI supports device lifecycle management of camera deployments with secure over-the-air (OTA) programming. Smarter AI supports OTA programming:

  • Access Control Rights
  • AI Containers and Event Triggers
  • OS and firmware updates


SmarterAI - AI Model

AI Model Lifecycle Management

  • Containerize and OTA program AI models
  • Continuous learning / continuous delivery:
  • Collect event notifications and recordings
  • Retrain AI models – minimize false positives and negatives
  • Containerize and program AI models OTA
  • Train, containerize, and OTA program new AI models to support new use cases

SmarterAI - Programming Threshold

Programmable Classification Thresholds

  • OTA program classification thresholds
  • Collect event notifications and recordings
  • Optimize classification thresholds – minimize false positives and negatives
  • Program a single AI Container with multiple classification thresholds

SmarterAI - Orchestration


  • Provision and OTA program AI models
  • Allocate Edge AI resources between multiple AI models
  • Configure AI cameras and gateways in relation to AI models
  • Monitor the health of AI models

SmarterAI - Inference Workflow Management

Inference Workflow Management

  • AI models as programmable objects
  • Chain inferencing jobs together with logical operators
  • Map AI model outputs to AI model inputs

SmarterAI - Inference Scheduling

Inference Scheduling

  • Inferencing on demand, continuous inferencing
  • Run multiple AI models in parallel:
  • using the same imager/sensor inputs
  • using logical operators to infer decisions

SmarterAI - Greenfield & Brownfield Deployment

Greenfield and Brownfield Deployments

  • Containerize and OTA program AI models to greenfield (i.e. Smarter AI camera) deployments
  • Containerize and OTA program AI models to brownfield (i.e. IP camera) deployments with Smarter AI Gateway
  • Map local and distributed imager/sensor outputs to AI model inputs



SmarterAI - ADAS
Contact Tracing
SmarterAI - Contact Tracing
Driver Monitoring System
SmarterAI - DMS
Facial Recognition
Driver Monitoring System
SmarterAI - Facial Recognition
Industrial Automation
SmarterAI - Industrial Automation
License Plate Recognition
SmarterAI - License Plate Recognition
Mass Fever Screening
SmarterAI - Mass Fever Screening
Perimeter Security
SmarterAI - Perimeter Security
Situational Awareness
SmarterAI - Situational Awareness

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