Edgetensor and Smarter AI Collaborate to Bring Driver Monitoring To Video Telematics and Fleet Management Systems

Dallas and Las Vegas, January 7, 2021 – Edgetensor, a leader in driver monitoring system (DMS) AI models for the transportation industry, and Smarter AI, the leader in AI cameras and enablement software with precision AI for trusted data and decisions, today announced a collaboration to deliver driver monitoring to video telematics and fleet management systems.

The collaboration enables safer driving for vehicle fleets through the deployment of Edgetensor DMS models via Smarter AI Dashcams and other leading AI camera systems powered by the Smarter AI Platform.

Edgetensor Co-Founder and CEO Rajesh Narasimha said “Edgetensor enables safe driving with our driver monitoring system, and we’re excited to deliver safe driving to video telematics and fleet management systems with Smarter AI Dashcams and the Smarter AI Platform.”

“Our Smarter AI Platform enables the deployment of AI cameras with precision AI for trusted data and decisions,” said Chris Piche, Smarter AI Founder.  “Through our collaboration with Edgetensor, these precision AI models will now include DMS for safer driving by commercial vehicle fleets.”

Edgetensor DMS is available today with Smarter AI Dashcams and other leading AI camera systems based on the Smarter AI Platform.

About Edgetensor

Edgetensor develops AI-based driver monitoring systems designed to detect and alert distracted drivers.  The company’s monitoring system uses an AI inference engine to monitor face tracking, head posture detection, emotion recognition and gaze and iris tracking with high accuracy in real-time, enabling companies to offer safe driving to their customers.  More information at https://edgetensor.com.

About Smarter AI

Smarter AI enables any camera network with precision AI to produce trusted data and decisions. More information at https://smarterai.camera.

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