AnyConnect Announces Corporate Name Change to Smarter AI™ to Reflect Commitment to Precision AI

AnyConnect, the leader in AI cameras and enablement software, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Smarter AI.  The name change reflects the company’s commitment to precision AI for trusted data and decisions.

“The new company name – Smarter AI – emphasizes our commitment to deliver AI cameras and enablement software with precision AI that produce trusted data and decisions for our customers and partners,” said Chris Piche, Smarter AI Founder.

Smarter AI Platform is the company’s enablement software platform for AI Cameras.  Smarter AI Cameras are the company’s line of AI Cameras that run on the Smarter AI Platform, including Bio Thermal Cameras, Bodycams, Dashcams, and Security CamerasSmarter AI Gateways connect legacy security cameras to the Smarter AI Platform.

Smarter AI is headquartered at Bullseye Vegas and Bullseye Singapore.

About Smarter AI

Smarter AI enables camera networks with precision AI to produce trusted data and decisions.  More information at